Selling Your Ames Area Home

When you are ready to sell your Ames area home, naturally you are looking to achieve the following goals:

  •      the best possible price and terms
  •      the quickest sale possible
  •      the least amount of hassle and inconvenience

In order to achieve these goals, there are several critical elements that you must start off with right away; proper pricing, presentation and a written, proven, aggressive listing marketing plan that will make your home stand out from competing listings.

The challenging real estate market makes hiring an experienced top Ames real estate professional who can provide expert guidance with a proven marketing strategy an absolute necessity. 

Hiring the right top Ames real estate agent will save you time and money - and more than likely mean the difference between selling or not selling.

Why do so many sellers seemingly make poor decisions when hiring agents? The National Association of Realtors collects data under its annual NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. In 2010, the Profile suggested the following methods as how Sellers selected the real estate agent used:  

(Percentage Distribution) 

Friend Neighbor or Relative Recommendation 40%
Used Same Agent as Previous (buyer agent and not listing agent?) 24%
Referred through employer or work (relocation) 5%
Visited an Open House 5%
Personal Contact from Agent (Phone, Email, Mail) 5%
Referred by another agent 4%
Saw Contact Info on For Sale By Owner Sign 3%
Direct Mail 3%
Internet Website 3%
Walked Into Real Estate Office / Called Agent on Floor Duty 3%
Newspaper, Yellow pages, or home book ad 2%
Advertising specialty (calendar, magnet, etc.) 1%
Other 5%

The second statistic that is relevant is the fact that 64% of sellers interviewed only 1 (One) real estate agent before listing their home.  20% only interviewed two.  Given this fact, the average seller does little or no home seller due diligence in picking the 'right' agent for the job of selling their Ames area home.  

The bottom line:  For an Ames area home seller - just taking a referral from a friend or using a buyer agent from when they purchased their home - generally will result in very poor results - even an expired listing - unless they do their homework and ask great questions about the agents performance, marketing plan and track record.

Why Choose Bock Real Estate Group?

Bock Real Estate Group's proven listing marketing system has helped thousands of Ames homeowners move onto their next destination for over 25 years.  The most recent data from the National Association of Realtors states that more than 90% of buyers are finding homes on the Internet, and this is true for the Ames housing market as well.  

Our strategic internet presence offers unparalleled benefits to all Ames area homeowners who have chosen Bock Real Estate Group to sell their Ames area real estate. In addition to our online strategy, we also offer a 24 hour toll-free information line on each of our listings; the first in Ames! Bock Real Estate Group's service and strategy tailored to each client is proven in the many accolades the team has received.

We Know Ames and the Surrounding Communities…

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Ames area? Let Bock Real Estate Group help you reach your real estate goals. Our entire team is here to take care of the details, providing you with the best customer experience possible, and allowing you to focus on moving.

Bock Real Estate Group is here to help you make the best decisions in selling your home, provide guidance with contract and building inspection negotiations and ensure that you close on time. When it comes to Ames area real estate, we know the territory. For access to the best Ames Real Estate Agents who are experienced and ready to help with your Ames real estate needs, email or call us today at 515-231-1899. Be sure to visit our entire website and selection tools.